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Here we will share members' thoughts and articles relevant to CHAIN's core purpose - to encourage climate hope and action in Norfolk.

Open letter to Norfolk County Council

(CHAIN, January 2018)

CHAIN's letter to Norfolk County Council on the scandalous decision to take money away from investment in renewable energy and use it for the vastly over-budget Northern Distributor Road, dated 03 January, 2018


Taking a personal sustainability challenge

(Katy Appleton, March 2017)

How short-term personal challenges could lead to a more sustainable lifestyle: It seems that giving things up has never been so in fashion. Currently we are partway through Lent, which for many people is associated with giving up a particular vice or pleasure[...]


Realising our duty to hope: Festival of Hope Part I

(Catrin Darsley, November 2016)

I visited the Eden Project at the end of November for a long weekend. I’d seen that they were holding their second ‘Festival of Hope’, and thought it sounded just the thing to counter seasonal and certain vote-related blues. [...]


Calls to action: Festival of Hope Part II

(Catrin Darsley, November 2016)

I visited the Eden Project at the end of November for their second ‘Festival of Hope’, a celebration of positive stories and action for sustainability. Many of the speakers and exhibitors were making specific calls to action, which I’ve tried to pull together here [...]


Inspiration and change champions: Festival of Hope Part III

(Catrin Darsley, November 2016)

Sometimes everyone needs inspiration and a dose of hope. This post shares a number of quotes and directs readers to some pretty inspirational organisations and individuals featured at the Eden Project's Festival of Hope, 2016 [...]


Fracking Matters

(Jo Veltman, May 2016)

CHAIN stands for Climate Hope Action In Norfolk and looks to support climate protection initiatives nationally and globally as well as from our local area. So why would we not be a fan of hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking', when our Government and the industry are telling us it is the climate-friendly way to transition to a clean energy future? [...]


Climate Hope Action in Norfolk is a volunteer-run community group. 

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