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See here for lots of ideas for actions on Earth Day and how you can take part in A Billion Acts of Green.

If we’re going to avoid catastrophic climate changes, we have to acknowledge how serious the situation is, and act fast.

It will be difficult, but by no means impossible. It will require substantial changes to our economic system (for example, the majority of fossil fuel company’s resources will have to stay in the ground, but this presents an economic opportunity for a thriving renewable energy industry).

The most effective things you can do are:

  1. Start a conversation about climate change, become informed and engaged, and support political parties who are serious about facing climate change; we can’t leave it to governments who are ignoring the science and placing us and future generations at severe risk;
  2. Support policies that aim to reduce carbon emissions and move away from fossil fuel resources (these policies can have many co-benefits such as reducing local air pollution, stimulating new economic sectors, and protecting vulnerable eco-systems);
  3. In your own home, look for ways you can reduce your carbon footprint: can you switch to a utility company providing renewable energy? Can you cut down on your meat and dairy consumption (18% of emissions come from the meat and dairy industry)? Can you fly less?

It’s our responsibility to do something now to prevent dangerous change. If you have any questions or want to receive updates from CHAIN, please feel free to get in contact.

For lots more information and ideas on how you can act, visit our Links, Facts and Figures page.

See here for how local politicians are tackling climate change. 

In memory of Polly Higgins, an international lawyer who was working to make ecocide an international crime, please consider becoming an "earth protector" to support and continue her valuable work.