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We are a local group of doctors, teachers, parents, and your neighbours. We are non-party-political, and not affiliated to any particular charity or organisation.

We work with individuals, local schools and community groups across Norfolk to spread information on the impacts of climate change as well as opportunities for everyone to get involved in the fight against catastrophic climate change.

Explore our website to find out more about joining us, or receiving updates on upcoming events and opportunities.

We're dedicated to raising public awareness of climate change in Norfolk, and to continuing to put pressure on the UK government to act in line with the Paris Agreement following the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21).

We hope to achieve these goals by:

  • Acting to increase public awareness by:
    • Word of mouth
    • Awareness-raising events
    • Presentations to local organizations
    • Information links on our website.
  • Providing a forum for existing local, national and international organisations to:
    • Become aware of and communicate with each other
    • Build local networks
    • Work together to increase our power and effectiveness
  • Providing a resource information hub for individuals who want to do something about these issues, helping you to:
    • Find accurate information
    • Find out what you can do
    • Find local groups that you can become involved with
    • Be connected.

Who are we?

Our committee (2019-20)

Chair Lucy Galvin
Treasurer Helen Carter
Secretary Stephen Little
Committee member Penny Edwards
Committee member Nicola Maunders
Committee member Dr Hayley Pinto